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Schoology account no longer connected to Google Drive Article not rated yet
Reconnecting the Google Drive Assignments App The 
Remote access to the network drives Article rated 5.0/5.0
I would like to have access to my files on the "P: Drive", I don't know what it is called now........ I would like to be able to access those files and save to that drive. How do I go about doing tha...
Windows computer not projecting properly Article not rated yet
SmartBoard not projecting computer screenScreen was not projecting to Smartboard properly. The problem was that the display settings were ser to extended, rather than Duplicate. Press [Windows] and [P...
TouchPad not working on HP Elitebook 850G3 Article not rated yet
HP Elitebook 850 G3 TouchPad not workingDouble tap in upper left hand corner to disable/enable touchpad Sincerely, Gregg Christopherson System Administrator - Network Office of School Technology
Archive 01scan file access process Article not rated yet
She can not access the 01scan directory located at: \sfsdosticontent1scansIt seems to be a permissions issue. I got Ryan involved as well and we are continuing to work the problem. The issue is that t...
** is DO phone code for DO vestibule strike activation Article not rated yet
install strike relay device for DO vestibule door projectAfter some trials and tribulations the device is installed and the call box is now operational. ** is phone code to trigger strike Sincerely, ...
How to use both webcam and doc cam in Google Meets Article not rated yet
See the following video for instructions on how to use webcam and doc cam with Google Meets:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=957ucf5wPgY  
Keep Leading Zeros when importing data into Excel Article not rated yet
Follow the following instructions to keep leading zeros in data when importing from CSV file into Excel: Open a new, blank Excel file. Go to the Data tab, then the Get External Data section and choo...

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